Intra-Oral Camera at Dundas West Dentistry, Etobicoke

At the Etobicoke dental office on Dundas Street West, we use an intra-oral camera to accurately assess your dental structure and diagnose any condition posing a problem to your oral health. This modern dental technology isn't just any typical camera; we can zoom in on certain areas of your mouth and display it in real-time for you to see too!

Some of the Intra-Oral Camera's assets include:
  • Easy maneuverability inside patients mouth with no discomfort
  • Has its own light source
  • Functions in real-time, instantaneous visual results
  • Ability to capture and magnify still images which allows both you and your dentist to see what the naked eye cannot detect
  • Provides more detailed showing of condition and assists with accurate diagnosis and treatment planning, especially for case-specific dental conditions.

Contact us with any questions about our Intra-Oral Camera or any other modern dental technology we use for patient assessment. We're here to keep you informed on how our services and technology can benefit your smile and oral health!

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