Dentures at Dundas West Dentistry, Etobicoke

Dentures are a common solution for cases of several missing teeth. They are a removable, artificial, custom-fit replacement for lost teeth available at a low cost relative to other missing teeth solutions. Missing teeth cause more than just aesthetic problems, they make it difficult to speak, chew, and perform other typical oral functions.

The denture construction and placement process is fairly and at Etobicoke dental office, we typically take the following steps:

  • A series of impressions of your jaw after tooth loss are taken.
  • Wax denture models are constructed and tested to assure comfort and alignment.
  • Your dentures are cast and ready to use!

Dentures are a common dental service that we at Dundas West Dentistry have had extensive experience with. Patients can also opt for partial dentures as opposed to complete dentures, given only a few teeth are missing and surrounding teeth are strong enough to support a bridge.

Contact us if you think dentures might be a good option for you or your family member's missing teeth problems or visit our Etobicoke dental office near Kipling Station for an in-person consultation.

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